Empire Ascendant Lite 1.7

Empire Ascendant Lite 1.7

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Empire Ascendant is a Tactical Space Combat Simulator set in Humanity's near future.

Harness the power of Mankind's newest technology, the Jump Drive, to explore distant Galaxies. Colonize new worlds and defend them against a hostile Universe of Alien Races.

Complex and Strategically demanding, you must race against time to harness resources and develop new technologies to forge your Flagship into a devastating weapon.

Warp space and time to jump from sector to sector, destroying enemy space cruisers, scanning for alien planets in dust nebula's that may yield ancient technologies.

Overcharge the Pulse Lasers, reinforce starboard shielding and engines to maximum. You control everything. These decisions make all the difference between life and sudden death.

The only thing at stake is the survival of the Human race.


Genre: Space RTS + Tactical Combat
Complexity: High
Difficulty: High

LITE Version:

24 Technological Research Fields
2 Capital Ships to Command
2 Galaxies to Explore
2 Alien Races
1 Really Really Long Tutorial
Changes: 1. Updated for iOS 5 compatibility.
2. Game Save bug fix

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