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Protea AntiVirus Tools, ClamAV version 2.05
Protea AntiVirus Tools for Lotus Notes/Domino automatically scans/cleans the message body, attached files, rich text fields and OLE objects in Domino mail, keeps Domino bases virus-free.
RegRun Security Suite Platinum
RegRun Security Suite includes 24 system utilities for protecting a PC against Rootkits/Trojans/Adware/Spyware/browser redirecting/hijacking. It increases the speed of Windows boot-up process, making the computer management easier.
MultiCore AntiVirus&AntiSpyware 2.0000.00021
A new unique product runs antivirus and antispyware scan-engines provided by FRISK Software International, Norman ASA, Lavasoft AB and Sunbelt Software Inc. simultaneously, in parallel, and without performance degradation.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

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(5Mb): 03 m 25 s
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The Emsisoft Emergency Kit contains a collection of programs that can be used without a software installation to scan and clean infected computers for malware.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner

With the Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner you have got the powerful Emsisoft Scanner including graphical user interface. Search the infected PC for Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Worms, Dialers, Keyloggers and other malign programs.
Run the Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner with a double click on a2emergencykit.exe. Found Malware can be moved to quarantine or finally deleted.
Emsisoft Commandline Scanner

This scanner contains the same functionality as the Emergency Kit Scanner but without a graphical user interface. The commandline tool is made for professional users and can be used perfectly for batch jobs.
To run the Emsisoft Commandline Scanner, do the following actions:
- Open a command prompt window (Run: cmd.exe)
- Switch to the drive of the USB Stick (e.g.: f:) and then to the folder of the executable files (e.g.: cd run)
- Run the scanner by typing: a2cmd.exe
Next you will see a help page describing all available parameters.
Next is an example to scan drive c: with enabled Memory, Traces (Registry) and Cookie scan with active Heuristic module and archive support. Found Malware is moved to quarantine.
a2cmd.exe /f="c:" /m /t /c /h /a /q="c:quarantine"
Emsisoft HiJackFree

HiJackFree helps advanced users to detect and remove Malware manually. With HiJackFree you can manage all active processes, services, drivers, autoruns, open ports, hosts file entries and many more. For your full control over your system.
Emsisoft BlitzBlank

BlitzBlank is a tool for experienced users and all those who must deal with Malware on a daily basis. Malware infections are not always easy to clean up. These days the software pests use clever techniques to protect themselves from being deleted. In more and more cases it is almost impossible to delete a Malware file while Windows is running. BlitzBlank deletes files, registry entries and drivers at boot time before Windows and all other programs are loaded.
Release notes: New Release<br/>TE Completely new second scan engine from BitDefender (B) with even more efficient scans and greater detection rate.
TE Significantly less false alerts as they were usually caused by the former second scan engine.
TE Improved first scan engine (A) now runs faster than ever.
TE New performance settings for experts to configure the CPU use of the scanner.
TE Optimized malware cleaning to be able to restore registry entries that were affected by malware.
TE Faster online updates via smaller incremental downloads. This means hourly updates are ready for use without delay.
TE Improved user interface which is easy to understand, even for beginners. <br/> [ Emsisoft Emergency Kit full changelog ]

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