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EventStudio System Designer 5 B 05.00.056

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EventStudio System Designer is an application that helps you generate Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Process Workflows, Collaboration Diagrams and Message Sequence Charts.

EventStudio System Designer goes beyond UML and supports advanced constructs that make it suitable for Telecommunications System Design, Telecom Call Flow Design, Real-time Embedded System Design, Protocol Design, Object Oriented Design, Distributed System Design, Business Process Re-engineering and Process Control applications.

EventStudio System Designer takes a different approach to CASE tools. Enter your document specifications in a simple and intuitive text format. You do not need to deal with clumsy graphical editors. EventStudio System Designer automatically generates the documents, taking care of layout and page formatting.

Support for multiple scenario generation. Designers often generate use cases / sequence diagrams only for the basic scenarios. A large number of scenarios are simply left out as managing and maintaining documentation for that many cases is not practical.

EventStudio System Designer addresses this problem with built in support for multiple scenarios. You can automatically generate documents for success and failure scenarios of a feature.

EventStudio System Designer reviews the design for all success and failure scenarios. Automatic design reviews of all scenarios catch design errors like, timer started but not stopped, resource leak, unfinished action and missed object deletion.

EventStudio System Designer provides control over the level of detail in generated documents. Navigate your way in a complex system design by generating documents that summarize the design for view. This allows the system architect to focus on the "big picture" while the developers get all the detail they need for implementation.


TE Model complex systems interactions in an easy to learn declarative modeling language. Model message interactions or object method invocations using the FDL modeling language
TE Model multiple scenarios of a feature by defining additional scenarios as differences from a base scenario
TE Generate well formatted sequence diagrams suitable for a formal design document, a presentation or a poster. Control the layout, color and font in the sequence diagrams
TE Catch system design errors like resource leaks and invalid timer operations in success and failure scenarios
TE Modular decomposition of system entities helps in generating high level with varying level of detail. Generate a module level sequence diagram or a detailed object interaction diagram from the same model
Release notes: New Release<br/>TE Five levels of decomposition
TE Full customization of color and layout of sequence diagrams
TE Export to XML
TE Share single instance axis for multiple objects <br/> [ EventStudio System Designer full changelog ]

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