Express Dial Professional Phone Dialer 2.01

Express Dial Professional Phone Dialer 2.01
(512k): 03 s
(1Mb): 02 s
(2Mb): < 1 sec
(5Mb): < 1 sec
(10Mb): < 1 sec

Express Dial Professional phone dialer is an automatic dialer for Windows computers with VoIP or a voice modem and headset. It can be used to automate the dialing of a list of numbers (as a predictive dialer) or to call single numbers when required using only your PC, modem and headset. Load Express Dial with a list of phone numbers and it will sequentially call every number in the list. Users can choose when to end the call and Express Dial Professional will automatically call the next number in sequence.

Express Dial Professional Telephone Dialer features:

Dials individual or lists of telephone numbers.
- Loads lists of telephone numbers if required for speed dialing.
- No configuration is required in most cases
- Enter notes for each number dialed.
- Unlimited number of lists of phone numbers are supported
- Supports standard PSTN phone lines or VoIP lines.
- Integrates with Express Talk for SIP based VoIP calls.
- Work with almost all voice modems.
- Full command line support for calling and a software API (to link with other software) more info.
- Easy and simple to use for day-to-day operation.

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