Fat Flush App - Fat Flush Diet, Meal Tracker, and Recipes 1.1

Fat Flush App - Fat Flush Diet, Meal Tracker, and Recipes 1.1

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The NYT bestselling Fat Flush Plan by renowned nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, has helped millions to increase metabolism, flush out toxins and speed up fat loss. Now you can experience the same profound diet and detoxifying effects with the amazing Fat Flush app.

Get a taste of Fat Flushing with our free Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown a turbo charged version of the diet that puts Fat Flushing right at your fingertips and makes it easier than ever to try the program on for size!

The Fat Flush app is loaded with helpful reminders, complete meal plans, encouraging support and so much more that will help you stay on track. Simply and effectively you can incorporate the best of diet, exercise, behavioral and lifestyle changes, while deriving extraordinary benefits like:

Shrinking fat from the belly, hips and thighs in two weeks
Significant reduction in cellulite appearance
Fat-burning fitness routines
Over 200 satisfying and easy recipes
Fat Flushing tips for dining out
Liver cleansing
Inspiring tips from successful Fat Flushers

Finally you can reach your goal weight by eating a nourishing combination of essential fats, balanced proteins and quality carbohydrates. Fat Flush will introduce you to the flavorful world of detox dieting, helping to break plateaus and accelerate weight loss with a lifestyle eating plan that is uniquely tailored for you.

App Includes:

Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown - FREE

Weight loss for busy people on-the-go. Shakedown up to 20 lbs in just 2 weeks!
Can be used as a jumpstart to classic Fat Flush Plan or as a stand-alone diet.

Complete Two-Week Meal Plan & Interactive Shopping List
Shakedown Tracker: Provides mouth-watering choices for each meal and keeps you on plan
Shakedown Journal: Taps you into your bodys needs to help control emotional eating
Over 35 Simple & Satisfying Shakedown Recipes

In-App Purchase I:

The Fat Flush Plan
Three phases to address detox, ongoing weight loss, and healthy lifestyle eating.

Complete NYT best-selling Fat Flush Plan Book - Discover the key essential fats, proteins, vegetables, fruits, thermogenic spices and signature beverages (like cran-water) with detailed explanations of these special Fat Flushing foods

Interactive shopping lists with name brand options- Add ingredients from our recipes to your list!

Discover and correct the 5 Hidden Weight Gain Factors- A tired and toxic liver, false fat, fear of eating fats, excess insulin and inflammation, and stress as fat maker

Customized fitness routines for each phase- Work your lymphatics by stretching, walking and rebounding to help erase cellulite, improve immunity, and tone up with weights

Fat Flush Plan Recipes by Phase - Includes over 40 core recipes from the Fat Flush Plan book.

Fat Flush Tracker- Customize your daily diet based on personal preferences and goals. Get creative with flavorful and fast menu items while keeping you on track. Set alerts to keep you on schedule with your snacks and supplements.

Fat Flush Diet Journal- Record your exercise progress, weight loss, and wellness/lifestyle notes while becoming more in touch with your body, mind and spirit.

Fat Flush Resources & Support Links to Dr. Ann Louises online message boards in real time, websites for Fat Flush supplements and staples, fitness and food contacts


In-App Purchase II:

Complete Fat Flush Plan Cookbook with 200 additional metabolism-boosting recipes This companion cookbook features time-saving, one-dish dinners, packable lunches, vegetarian friendly ideas, and speedy snacks for all phases

The newest Fat Flushing ingredients and Plan updates

- $12.99

In-App Purchase III (Bundle) Includes:

Both in-app purchases described above - $33.99
Changes: -Added alerts
-Added analytics

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