FileBender - Document Viewer & File Manager 1.2

FileBender - Document Viewer & File Manager 1.2

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License: Shareware
Size: 10.8 MB
Date added: 2014-05-26
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Price: $2.99

Bend files to your will with simple file management, organization, presentation and sharing with FileBender for iPad. View and manage your files and folders, interact with Cloud storage accounts, access iPad media (photos, videos, music, playlists) and files from your Mac or PC via Wi-Fi or iTunes. Download files to your local drive for access on the go.

More than a PDF viewer, FileBender lets you go beyond opening files. See, hear, share and present a variety of file formats including large PDFs with annotations, comics, hi-res and raw images, movies and audio. The new presentation mode goes beyond mirroring. Present what you want when you want.

Simplified file management of the Bender Tray helps keep all of your favorite files at your fingertips. Perform a variety of actions to the selection of file(s) within the Bender Tray: move, copy, delete, lock, rename, compress (.zip), email, and upload or download files to or from the Cloud.

Multi-tasking tools allow you to do more than view and play your files. Take pictures with the document camera and record notes, meetings, or lectures with the audio recorder. Use the audio player while still viewing or managing your files. Utilize the search tools filtering abilities to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Designed to be powerful enough for business yet versatile enough personal use, FileBender is your go-to file manager and viewer.

Viewing capabilities for a large number of file formats (specified below)

NEW Presentation mode
- Setting for moving between AirPlay mirroring and presentation mode.
- Send content to external display while displaying different content within FileBender

Excellent PDF viewing capabilities:
- Search full document text
- Show or hide annotations
- Works with web links
- Print to AirPrint capable printers
- Page thumbnail view mode
- Add and view bookmarks
- Manage brightness and contrast
- View one page or tile multiple pages
- Scroll horizontally or vertically
- Zoom small documents
- Show or hide toolbars for full screen viewing

Support for archive files
- Compresses files and folders into a .zip archive
- Extracts files from .zip and .rar archives

Seamless Cloud integration
- Pause, resume, cancel Cloud transfers
- Upload documents to Dropbox, & GoogleDrive
- Download documents from Dropbox, & Google Docs
- Quickly cache documents for on the go viewing

Access and sync files from multiple locations
- Integrated access to your iPads files, photos, music, videos and more
- Use Wi-Fi transfer to move files to and from your Mac, PC or web browser
- Transfer files to an external app using Open In (Export from FileBender)
- Easily open and move files to FileBender using Open In (Import to FileBender) from external apps

Simplified file management using drag and drop functionality and the Bender Tray
- Bender Tray selection set can be made across multiple folders

Password protect sensitive files and folders

Optional full screen thumbnail files view

Do More with multi-tasking features
- Document Camera at your fingertips (requires iPad 2.0)
- Audio Recorder for easy note taking
- Play audio in the background with Audio Player
- Search: control the results by location, keyword, category and file type

Customize the User Interface
- Easy access to FREE themes to fit your style
- Custom themes can be designed and distributed. Fore more information email
Changes: Airplay presentation mode. Allows for the ability to selectively send content to an external screen while still utilizing the FileBender display for notes or the next slide's/image's/document's preparation or selection.

Retina display graphics

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.
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