Fish Tracker 1.0

Fish Tracker 1.0

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Publisher: Inner Four, Inc.
License: Shareware
Size: 409.6 KB
Date added: 2014-11-13
Downloads: 40
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With Fish Tracker, you can easily use your GPS-enabled iPhone's built-in maps application to navigate to the location of your favorite Fishin' Spot. Fish Tracker will allow you to keep a list of all of your favorite Fishing Spots! Fish Tracker uses the iPhone GPS functionality to obtain your current location, and then saves that location to a database (so you can later use the built in maps application to navigate to your Fishing Spot).

Easy To Use:
1) When you find an area that is holding fish, launch Fish Tracker.
2) When Fish Tracker loads, select Yes to allow the application to retrieve your current GPS location. Make sure that you have GPS lock, not just general location based on estimated cellular tower locations.
3) Select Fish Found to save the current location of your newly found fish.
4) When you're trying to find your Fish later on, just launch Fish Tracker once again, and select Go to Fish Location to launch the built in maps application to navigate to your Fishing Spot.

Important: Where's Fish Tracker requires the new iPhone 3g using its built-in GPS chip (very accurate). If you try to use this app with non-GPS enabled devices, the accuracy will be reduced to such a large area that you still might not be able to find your Fishing Spot.

Fish Tracker works on iPhone version 2.2 and greater
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System Requirements: Requires iOS 2.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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