Flag Master! 2.1.2

Flag Master! 2.1.2

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(1Mb): 02 m 21 s
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(5Mb): 29 s
(10Mb): 15 s

Test your knowledge of the flags and capitals of the world with Flag Master!

- Flag to Country: Match the flag to the correct country name
- Country to Flag: Match the country name to the correct country flag
- Flag to Capital: Match the flag to the correct country capital
- Capital to Flag: Match the country capital name to the correct country flag
- World Map of Flags: Full listing of all countries, capitals and flag images for reference and map lookup

- Number of questions
- Difficulty (allows choice of 6 'Flag Masks' which hide areas of the flag)
- Time delay or user interaction for next question
- Show 50:50
- Show flags from selected continents

If you experience any problems with this app or have any questions or comments, please contact us through the App Support link.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently if you select more questions (except 'all') than are available for the selected continents the app will stop and close. A fix has been made and a new release will be available soon.
Changes: Bug fix to prevent app from stopping when the 'Number of Questions' selected was more than the pool of countries available to choose from.

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