Flashlight with Multi-Touch & Map 2.0.0

Flashlight with Multi-Touch & Map 2.0.0

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(512k): 44 s
(1Mb): 22 s
(2Mb): 11 s
(5Mb): 05 s
(10Mb): 03 s

No More accidentally turn off the light.
You will never get lost in the dark again.
iOS5 Supported
Multi touch flashlight(Tap 4 fingers to turn On/Off)
Map navigates you in the Dark.
Share your location via Facebook, SMS or Email.

Flashlight with Multi-Touch & Map
The renovation of New Muti-Touch Flashlight, No more accidentally screen off problem while using, with the help of "Multi-Touch on-off Control. Uses flash on the back of iphone4 or the bright white light screen on other iOS iPhone and iPod.
High quality flashlight, Convenience to use anytime in everywhere. Get it now!!!!


Real time tracking and Compass

iPhone 4 real flashlight with Map.

Instant, Brightest, Quickest when open the app.

Strobe(SOS signal).

Map and Location tracker, find your current location with Map, Satellite, and Hybrid view.

Share Location- call for help from your friends via SMS, e-mail, or Facebook.

No Delay when press on and off.

Simple and clean interface design.

Helpful when you need help.

How Flashlight Map benefits you

- No more accidentally turn off because of an annoying button.

- You can hold it any way you want it never turn off.

- Simple and easy to use.

- Immediate location tracking when you are alone in an accident.

- SMS or Email your location show them direction of yours.

- Bush walk or camping in a night time you will know beyond the flashlight what around you.

- When these moments come at least it can help.
Changes: Performance Enhancement
- All New interface
- New Flashlight function (Multi touch to turn on/off)
- Bug Fixed flashlight automatically turn off

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