FloatingChickPusher 1.2.0

FloatingChickPusher 1.2.0

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Thanks for your patience!
The second game of the ChickPusher was released.

ChickPusher is a game like the Coin Pusher!

There were chicks which were not able to jump in the nest by a previous work.
It seems that they want to return to a nest.
Chick 4 brother took action to help them.
They tried to attach the Life Belt and jump to the sea.
It seems that however, they do not have the courage.
well, please let me jump a chick by your control,
and lead the chicks which fell into the sea to a nest.

-How to Play?
If a screen is touched, a chick will fly.
Please push out chickens to a cape front.

"Piyo Coin" can be got if it can fly from a tip.
It is a source of the power of chickens.
Moreover, a friend will be called if it goes into a nest.

If much "Piyo Coin" is collected, a new friend will come or it can play on a new stage.

There is also a rare chicken in a friend.
If the chick is put into a nest, it will become a bonus time full of chick.

There is also a bonus time which can scoop up many chicks this time.

Let's put many chickens into a nest.

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Changes: -Add New Stage
-New friend came