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ArtistScope Web Encrypt 1.0
ArtistScope Web Encrypt is an online page maker and encryption tool for installation onto any web site that has ASP and Access or MS-SQL database support. Create and encrypt new web pages from your web site with a sophisticated inbuilt html editor.
Instant Gallery Maker 2.1.1
Instant Gallery Maker will allow you to quickly and easily create professional-looking web image galleries ready to be published on the Web. You don't need to know anything about HTML and CSS - this easy-to-use tool will do everything for you.

FlyTreeView for ASP.NET 2.0 4.3.2

FlyTreeView for ASP.NET 2.0 4.3.2

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FlyTreeView for ASP.NET is a fast and lighweight, fully functional AJAX treeview control. It is fully compatible with ASP.NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 versions. This tree control provides developers with the most powerful solution for presentation of hierarchical data on the web. Flexible appearance options give ability to create unique visual appearance of treeview. Any kind of built-in images, every style or behaviour setting can be easily customized. Effective client-side (AJAX) model lets developer to bring web applications to the highest level of user experience.

-Cross-browser implementation (IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and more).
-Fast and lightweight, optimized for perfomance and size.
-Native ASP.NET control, complete design-time support for Visual Studio IDE.
-XHTML 1.1 standard compliant markup.
-Server-side templates with any ASP.NET code.
-On demand nodes population without postback.
-Highly customizable styles and behavior options.
-Uses common .NET data binding (to hierarchical and tabular data).
-Comprehensive client-side scripting model.
-Provides advanced drag-and-drop capabilities (within treeview, between several treeviews, or even between treeviews and custom HTML objects).
-Keyboard navigation.
-Built-in checkboxes.
-Built-in radiobuttons.
-Built-in context menu.
-Compliant with the Common Language Specification.
-Support for Microsoft AJAX ASP.NET extensions and UpdatePanel control.

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