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Flip Shopping Catalog 2.2
Flip Shopping Catalog is optimized to present your products/services, to impress and SELL. For each product of your presentation book you can add interactive photo and video galleries, descriptions and links to its webpage, add-to-cart button...
FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac 1.1
FlipBook Creator Professional for Mac is powerful untility run on Mac to convert common PDF files to digital online or offline brochure, product catalog, magazine, comic with fantastic flash page-flipping effect...
Flip PDF Professional 1.10.4
Flip PDF Professional allows you to build professional flash flip Books from PDF with the "page turning" effect for both online and offline use in minutes.

Font F/X [full install] v2.5

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Font F/X [full install] is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, 3D text creation and animation tool. Offering a variety of 3D drawing tools, Font F/X lets you quickly create photorealistic 3D graphic scenes which can be used to spice up Web pages, text documents, and business presentations. Features include: drag and drop animation\; shadow support\; a variety of text manipulation functions\; camera tools\; scene tools\; sophisticated panning and zooming\; light source effects\; the ability to import EPS files as 3D objects\; the ability to save files in over 12 formats (including GIF, JPG, PSD and BMP)\; and more.This full install version includes help files, documentation as well as sample textures and template packs.

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Stormi Steel Skin F/X 1.0 -  Stormi Steel Skin F/X APP - Download this app to get exclusive deals, find out about events, book appointments, get directions, give feedback, purchase services & gift cards, get exclusive coupons, connect with friends socially, share tattoo ... ... (4/0) download
Functions f(x) = ax+b 2.0 -  "Boss 'T' Maths Functions f(x) = ax+b" is a maths teacher creation. This app is meant to help understand and revise functions as f(x)=ax, algebraically and graphically.The first part - I UNDERSTAND! - shows dynamically the notions of gradient, Y ... ... (2/0) download
Victoria`s Hongkong&macau(Info) 2.0 -  _Travel Episode (Enhanced Ebook) F(x) Victorias excursion around Hongkong & Macau**If you fail to install in-app, please check your device memory. Each application needs more than 300~400M storage to provide high quality images and videos. ... ... (2/0) download
X Editor Standard 1.1 -  This is another version of the X Editor, which lets you change the font The X Editor is a text editor for Windows. It has all of the features you use in a regular text editor, but it doesn't have too many. It has 2 versions. ... (15/0) download
Regarde v1.2 -  Regarde is an equation graphing application which allows you to plot polynomial, trigonometric, absolute value, hyperbolic, and logarithmic functions in the form y=f(x). ... (61/0) download
Functor v2.9 -  Functor is a mathematical application which allows you to graph 3D algebric functions, such as z = f(x, y). ... (30/0) download
MediaHeal for CD and DVD 2.1 -  MediaHeal for CD and DVD features: - Works with CD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/ R, DVD-RW/ RW - Restores the complete folders tree structure including subfolders - Retrieves files - Supports long file names - Supports localized file names - Full install/uni ... (3/0) download
CollegeScientificCalculator36 1.0 -  This calculator follows classical approach when uncertainty of f(x) calculation is estimated by formula max|(derivative(f))|*|x*uncertainty(x)|, where maximum of function derivative is considered on interval [x-uncertainty(x), x uncertainty(x)]. ... (2/0) download
Polynomial Solver 4.0 -  1. Solves f(x) 2. Add coefficients3. Solve root of the polynomial4. Supply x and evaluate f(x)5. Print resultRequirement: This application requires active data connectivity to function properly. ... (6/0) download
Recovery for Money 1.5.0814 -  Recovery for Money is a data recovery program for corrupted Microsoft Money files (.MNY). No special skills are required to use Recovery for Money. Simple user interface and full install/uninstall support make the program available to everyone. ... (134/0) download