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MultiTranse Oriental 6.4
A versatile translation suite for 12 eastern languages, including Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Hebrew and 5 European languages. Quick and easy translations at a great price!

Frame Simulator 2 Viewer 2.0

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Frame Simulator, together with Frame Composer, makes windows and doors transmittance computation (applying UNI-EN ISO 10077-1 and 10077-2) an extremely easy process. With few and simple steps you will be able to apply finite elements method without the need to know anything about the theory behind it. Features: - get extremely accurate results with few and simple operations for every kind of frame; you don’t need to know anything about UNI EN ISO 10077; - use finite elements methods without real efforts; the mathematical model is completely hidden to the user; - foresee thermal behaviour of frames before producing a prototype; - analyze and discover weak points of frames through heat flow visualization; - import projects created with other software; - send beautiful presentations to your clients thanks to the newest features.

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