FuelScout 1.1.1

FuelScout 1.1.1

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FuelScout is the new social way to find and share the cheapest fuel every day.

Find your nearest stations, compare and share fuel prices with your friends and the world and benefit as they share the prices with you!

Like the Fuel Watch or MotorMouth fuel app except FREE for a limited time, with no limit on the number of checks and you can help others by helping keep prices continuously updated!

Add and monitor your favourite (or regular!) station stops and fuel type to see the price as soon as someone updates it - and instantly compare those on your route.

FuelScout is more than just a fast, easy and rewarding way to find, report and save on fuel- it's a social movement.

As we push to get FuelScouters and stations on board the FuelScout network more and more prices will come online and be updated frequently.

If the stations wont tell you then its up to us!

Find cheapest fuel near you
View stations and price information on a map or list by price, distance or favourite fuel type
Get automatic fuel updates
Report fuel price and gain a good rep
Follow other FuelScouts to get their best deals
Add favourite stations
Keep an eye on your local stations for special deals
Rate your fuel station
Stop filling up at the wrong place at the wrong time when you could find another station, only few blocks away that was selling fuel for 10% less than your regular spot! FuelScout and your network of FuelScouts can tell you where you need to go! Imagine how much you could save on fuel. You could make the money back on this app with your first fill!

Once you set-up your account you can get automatic fuel notifications, share prices with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and fellow FuelScouts. You can then use the handy map to track down new stations, and find a cheap place to fill up whilst on a road trip or even overseas holiday... all the while saving money on fuel!

By becoming a member of the FuelScout team, you join a growing network of people from around the world who want to save money on fuel! So the bigger the FuelScout network, the more fuel prices get reported - so join the social fuel revolution and start to save today!

FuelScout helps you keep your money in your pocket and your car or truck on the road the social way.

How does it work?

Download the FuelScout application and sign-in using your Facebook. Alternatively you can set-up a username and password.

You've just joined the social saving revolution - an ever-growing network of FuelScouts. As a member you now have access to view all of the local and international fuel prices that have been reported!

Scan your local map, record your favourite stations, set-up notifications and even get others to join the FuelScout family.
Going on a trip - don't forget to pop open your FuelScout app and search for a station near you! If you fill up before returning that rental car, you could save up to 60%!

Now hit the streets, share petrol prices that you find, scan to see if other FuelScouts have found better prices near you and fuel up for less!

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