Game Of Languages 1.0

Game Of Languages 1.0

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Welcome to the Game Of Languages app.

Do you want to play a game to kill some time?
Do you want to learn a new language?
Do you want to challenge your memory?
Do you want to learn how to say "I love you", "Thank you" ... etc in 5 languages?

If your answer is yes, then this app is for you.

Learn one or more new languages and improve your memory while playing a game to kill some time.

This app was designed to make learning languages fun and enjoyable. While playing the games in this app you will find yourself saying the phrases and repeating them without noticing! You will also concentrate on the phrases that you hear to memorize them and their places so that you can get more points.

You can think of this app as a phrase book + memory challenging games that let you learn new phrases in 5 languages.

you can check out the leaderboards and see how your score ranks against your friends, as well as all players of each game.

You can also tweet your scores to show your followers that you have great memory!!

If you don't like playing games, that's fine. The app has a section for studying the phrases and listening to them in a clear voice.

The app provides the following languages:

You can adjust the speech rate to help you listen to the phrases in a slower rate.

** The phrases are organized in the following categories:
1- Greeting
2- Farewell Expressions
3- Holidays and Wishes
4- Self introduction
5- Romance and Love Phrases
6- Solving a Misunderstanding
7- Asking for Directions
8- Survival Phrases
9- Hotel - Restaurant
10- Daily Expressions
11- Cuss Words (polite)
12- Short Expressions and words
13- Shopping Expressions
14- Numbers
15- Food
16- Week days
17- Family
18- Months
19- Colors

** Features **
1- High quality audio and clear voices
2- Store frequently used phrases in Favorites
3- The speech rate can be adjusted to desired speed to make it easy to catch the phrase.
4- Two memory challenging games.(see the video on youtube about the app)
5- Two types of quizzes with changing questions.
6- The scores can be viewed on game center.
7- The scores can be tweeted to followers in twitter.

For more information and videos about the app click the App Support button.

or go to:

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