Game Quiz - can you guess all the video games? 1.2.2

Game Quiz - can you guess all the video games? 1.2.2

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Do you think you know a lot of video games?

This Game Quiz is a real challenge even for experienced gamers. In this game, we collected a lot of videogames screenshots from different times and different platforms, in order to give you a chance to guess them all!

For each guessed video game, you earn a token. Use tokens to unlock new levels and get a better place in Game Center Leaderboard!

Each two tokens bring you a hint. Hints can be used in order to help you if you stucked at the level. You can also earn them for free from the store.

Even if you dont have any hints, you can ask your friends for help via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail!

In the cabinet you can watch how are you doing in the game - how many tokens, hints, tropheys, mistakes and keys you have. Analyse your stats in order to become a better guesser!

We are going to add more and more levels in every update. And we have a lot of plans and ideas which we are going to insert in Game Quiz!

We love you guys and trying to improve Game Quiz!

Changes: Dear Players,

In this update we fixed spelling mistakes in these games' titles:

Mario Kart

Sorry for such silly mistakes.

Thank you for playing Game Quiz!

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