Good News - Fast, Clean and Simple RSS Reader 1.6

Good News - Fast, Clean and Simple RSS Reader 1.6

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Good News is a fast, elegant and simple to use RSS reader.

Local/standalone RSS and Atom reader,
Import of RSS feeds from the Feedly, Feedbin and NewsBlur,
The possibility for the displaying of information from social networking services,
The possibility for the displaying of current weather,
The possibility for the displaying of information about the current day (from the Wikipedia source),
The possibility for the displaying of information about the birthday of persons from contacts,
The possibility for the displaying of complete articles within the Readable version,
Integration with the iCloud service (synchronisation of subscribed feeds and saved bookmarks),
The possibility of offline work and operation,
The possibility for the reading news in 27 languages,
UI designed for best reading experience.

Integration with social networking services:

Supported sharing services:

Co-operates with the following browser engines:
Google Chrome,
Opera Mini,

- Gestures -----------------------

Article list:
tap news displays details of the message,
move news to the right adds or removes the given message from bookmarks,
move news to the left adds or removes the given message from the list to be read,
drag down data update.

News groups:
tap displays messages from the given group or allows for the change of name (in editing mode),
tap and hold allows for the moving of the group up or down (in editing mode),
swipe right deletes the whole group (in editing mode),
swipe left entrance into the view allowing for the edition of RSS channels featured within the given group (in editing mode).

Article viewer:
double tap opens the next message (sound signal or vibration means that there is no next message),
triple tap opens the previous message (sound signal or vibration means that there is no previous message),
tap and hold opens the sharing view,
swipe right closes the details view,
swipe left opens the message within the in-app browser,
drag down opens the message within the Readable version (more readable version of the complete message from the website).
Changes: Feedly import support,
Dribbble integration.

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