Gun Rampage 1.0

Gun Rampage 1.0

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Go berserk using an arsenal of weapons to wreak virtual havoc! Have plenty of explosions, fire power and screams at the ready with Gun Rampage.

Assault Rifle
Machine Gun
Karate Chop
Woman's Shriek
Man Screaming
Animal howl

With easy to use / Fully adjustable settings.

-Here are the basics...
------------------------------ ?
Tap the icon corresponding to the sound you want to play. The same sound will trigger when you shake your device if you have Play on Shake enabled.

Set the Countdown Time, Repeat Interval & X Times you want the sound to repeat by tapping the numbers under each label. The numbers will reset to 0 after the number 9.

The timed sounds will play even if your device is in sleep mode as long as you don't leave the program. This helps avoid draining the battery when you hide your device to play a practical joke on someone

-Use the Play on Shake & Shake Sensitivity settings to dial in just the right settings to surprise a friend with a sound when they move your hidden iPhone/iPod Touch! Or use the Countdown/Repeat/XTimes settings to force them to wonder until they find the source of the sound.


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