Halfway efforts achieve nothing-JoyOrange 1.6

Halfway efforts achieve nothing-JoyOrange 1.6

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A good story is better than a teacher.
This story is one of the many life stories a child needs to learn. The story tells us of the idiom Halfway efforts achieve nothing which means that if you give up before the completion of a goal, your previous efforts will be in vain.

This app not only tell a vivid story to children in such an interesting way, but also help children master the graceful Chinese language and know the wisdom ,history behind. It will play a big role in the formation of good character of a child.
Dont hesitate to give this as a precious gift to your child.

-Bilingual education: story is taught in both Chinese and English .

-Exquisite pictures: the pictures are bright, cartoon-like, and easy to understand and remember.

-Interactive exercises:there are many interactive activities such as new words cards, repeat after me and sentence making to ensure the process is fun.

-Professional recording: The Chinese text was recorded by a professional broadcaster with a sweet voice while the English text by an American teacher in clear American English.

-Pages can be turned automatically and manually.

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