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Hallo Northern Sky for Windows 3.1 v1.62b

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Hallo Northern Sky for Windows 3.1 is an astronomy tool which allows you to plot the night sky for any time and location. The program displays all stars to about magnitude 12, as well as all nine planets, the Moon, Sun, and the moons of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. It also shows the phases of the Moon and inner planets, solar and lunar eclipses, rings of Saturn, and minor planets and comets. Hallo Northern Sky includes the ability to use the GSC (Guide Star Catalog) as well as the USNO CD-ROM databases with a magnitude of about 15. You can familiarize yourself with the night sky using the complete SAO star catalog (250,000 stars), the complete SAC 7.1 deep-sky database (10,000 objects), and the deep-sky help file (about 1,000 A4 pages of deep-sky descriptions of over 2,000 celestial bodies). In addition, the Tycho-1, Tycho-2, Hipparcos, and PPM star databases can be downloaded from the program's Web site. The program includes the ability to customize colors and fonts, searching and printing capabilities, the ability to copy data to the Clipboard, and screen flipping and saving capabilities.

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