Halloween Costume Ideas 1.3.6

Halloween Costume Ideas 1.3.6

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Welcome to Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween Costume Ideas gives you over 1500 amazing costume ideas for this Halloween in three distinct categories all with the ability to quickly sort them alphabetically or randomly. You can also bookmark any costume idea for easy access later as you narrow down which character you want be this Halloween.

To Use Halloween Costume Ideas:

On the Costumes tab, select from the three categories, Bloody Halloween, Fun Halloween or Sexy Halloween. This will bring up the corresponding page of costume ideas. You can then scroll through the list or use the indexing feature on the right hand side of the screen to quickly scan through the sections of costume ideas. The indexing is based on either alphabetical sorting, clustered by A, B, C... or a random order, clustered in 15 groups.

Clicking on any costume idea will bring up a dialogue box that allows you to bookmark that costume idea for future easy reference. Once you have bookmarked all the costume ideas you are interested in, you can change over to the Bookmarks tab and quickly see them all at once. They will be grouped under the main category the idea comes from, Bloody Halloween, Fun Halloween or Sexy Halloween.

You can swipe a Bookmark to bring up its Delete button or press the Edit button and then click on the red dot next to a Bookmark to bring up its Delete button as well. Clicking the Delete button for any costume idea will remove it from your Bookmarks List. You may add it again in the future using the same procedure described above.

You may also select any Bookmark in your Bookmark List and bring up a dialogue box that gives you the option to email either this costume idea or all of your saved costume ideas to anyone you want. You can email your saved costume ideas to yourself for reference or to your friends to share all the amazing costume idea you just found or to anyone else you'd like.

The Settings page gives you the ability to resort the costume ideas pages and the Bookmarks page based on a Randomly Assigned Number or Alphabetical Order. Either choice has its own indexing on the main costume ideas page. The Random index is based on the Random Number and Alphabetical index is based on first letter of the costume idea.

The Help page you are currently viewing will also always be here for you to quickly refer to if you need.

Thank you for getting Halloween Costume Ideas! We hope you have a fun, scary, and safe Halloween!

If our products do not live up to your standards for any reason, please email us at contact@sociallycs.com (instead of just writing a bad review on the app store) so we can take direct actions to fix your concerns. Your satisfaction is a priority at Socially Conscious Software, so we would love to hear from you to help fix any and all of your concerns.
Changes: improved performance and optimized experience and performance on iPhone OS 3.1.2 update and improved Database initialization

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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