Hermes Birth 1.2

Hermes Birth 1.2

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Kirkus Reviews: "A pleasantly understated alternative to the many frenetic apps on the market."

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- Book with bumper-car game for kids and grownups.

Baby Hermes escapes from his cradle and pranks the adult Greek Gods. He invents the lyre, cooks his own dinner, exhausts his patient mother.... then in reward is given enormous powers over the lives of mortals by his father Zeus. All on Day One of his amazing life!

BumpBump Books creates smart, witty versions of classic stories, myths, and folktales. We present original texts where possible, with historically rich music and artwork. We avoid simplifying the language or action of the original stories; they have a lot of depth which we are sure you and your children will enjoy.

Visit us at -- we look forward to hearing from you!

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