HEX IT: Awesome Free Puzzle Game for iPad 1.1

HEX IT: Awesome Free Puzzle Game for iPad 1.1

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PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GAME DOESN'T WORK ON IPAD 1! (works perfectly on New iPad, iPad2, iPad Mini)

Do you want to truly challenge your mind with a puzzle game that will have you stumped for hours? If so, HEX IT is the competition you crave.

"...difficult game designed to cause scratching of the head and furrowing of the eyebrows, it succeeds phenomenally." - www.148apps.com ****

"HEX IT is a truly challenging puzzle game for iOS that will take your brain for a bumpy ride. HEX IT is innovative, mind-boggling and fun." www.TheAppleGoogle.com

HEX IT is 30 levels of increasing complexity of pattern making. A reward system of stars means you can challenge yourself to complete the level in as few moves as possible. Play in the Time Attack Mode for an even greater challenge of your mind and reflexes.

The goal of the game is deceptively simple: Twist hexagons to arrange colours in a specific pattern. The peep displays at the bottom of the screen details the appropriate pattern. Strategy and a bit of madness are necessary to arrange all of the gems correctly.

Two special gems are included in the game to tantalize and confound even the greatest gamers. The skull gem is actually a time bomb that must be defused in a set number of moves. Defuse the skull by surrounding it with six of the same colour gems. Skull gems are further complicated by the fact you cannot move them, only the surrounding gems. Real strategy and skill is necessary to defuse these ticking time bombs. The Chain gem locks hexagons into a set position, rendering them unmoveable.

Make it through the first 20 levels is difficult enough, the last 10 are almost impossible. You will be amazed at the difficulty of HEX IT. HEX IT is not responsible for your insomnia while trying to best any of the last ten levels.


30 exciting levels of puzzles will keep you playing for hours.
Time Attack Mode for each level
Rating Mode
Special gems like skull, chain and multi-colour which creates a great unique gameplay!
Easy controls
Beautiful High Resolution Retina Display Graphics.
Very addictive gameplay
Great replay ability
Pleasant music
More Levels and Updates to come

With HEX IT you will:

Speed up your problem solving ability
Boost your intelligence and confidence
Develop concentration, focus and reflex

There is absolutely no other puzzle game like HEX IT anywhere! Brain exercise, logic puzzle, brain game, educational puzzle, party game, game for kids, game for adults and family game.

This game develops your brain! Easy to learn, hard to master!
Changes: -fixed crash issue

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