Holiday's 15 3.0

Holiday's 15 3.0

Download: Download Site 1
(512k): 11 m 52 s
(1Mb): 05 m 56 s
(2Mb): 02 m 58 s
(5Mb): 01 m 12 s
(10Mb): 36 s


- smooth animation for moving tiles and hints
- amazing visual effects
- great touch feeling
- challenge your friends online!
- more than 30 different levels and more than 90 (!) different plays
- 3 different skill modes, allowing to challenge yourself every day.

- Wonderful St Valentine's day theme
- Light, pleasant, sweet for ear (ear-sweet) music
- Open Feint Enabled !
Changes: - Added christmass pack.
- Fixed minor bugs.

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