Hunter Engineer CRM 1.3.5

Hunter Engineer CRM 1.3.5

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Hunter Engineer edition

Key features Hunter Engineer CRM - Online Edition:
♦ View contacts, accounts, leads, work orders, tickets and call reports.
♦ Send Contact details as a vCard per email.
♦ Print Work Orders and Tickets or mail the documents as a PDF.
♦ Digital Signature on Work Orders and Tickets etc.
♦ Have sensitive data protected by a personal PIN code.
♦ Keep track of your time on Work Orders, Projects and Tickets.
♦ Add Work Orders, Tickets and Task to your Calendar.
♦ Click to call a contact, select a contact and click on the phone no.
♦ Add tasks for your contacts to remind yourself of upcoming events.


- Customer Relationship Management forms the basis of a CRM system -
Hunter Engineer CRM - Online Edition has an attractive relationship-oriented user interface. Easy to learn and easy to use, all the information you need at your fingertips.
Through the basic Hunter Hunter Engineer CRM - Online Edition, you have all current information of your relationships permanently available on your iPhone and iPad.

- Customers and Prospects -
Hunter Engineer CRM gives you full access to your customer database. Creating and changing customers has never been easier. From the customer record you can retrieve and change already existing contacts. New contacts can be easily added. Customers can be called directly from the customer record. From the customer card you can access worksheets, tickets, Work Orders Call Reports.

- Tasks -
Creating tasks from your relationship contact. Tasks can be transferred and completed from the iPhone or iPad. Tasks can be placed with one click in the iOS calendar.

- Work orders -
Worksheets or Work Orders can be created and edited from your iPhone or iPad. You can call the customer from the worksheet. By pressing a button, the information within the work order can be send via email to the customer. Worksheets, which allows you to record time, can be completed and invoiced via your iPhone or iPad.
Once completed you can add a digital signature to the Work Order and send the Work Order as a PDF

- Tickets -
Tickets can be created and edited from your iOS device.
You can book your time spent on a ticket and add a digital signature

- Call report -
Creating the call report. Never has the creation of call reports been easier.
Tasks can be created from the call report for the concerning customer relationship.

- Projects -
Each customer can have one or more Projects. Projects are needed to create Work orders.
Book your time and used material on a project
Changes: Bugfix in email PDF workorders.

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