Hydrology Formulator 2.5.5

Hydrology Formulator 2.5.5

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Date added: 2014-08-10
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HYDROLOGY FORMULATOR is the perfect tool for any hydrologist, hydrology student or other professional who needs to deal with the science of water. Over 50 Hydrological formulas are contained in the program in areas of: evaporation, groundwater, Infiltration and Recharge, Lake Pollution, River Pollution, Soil Pollution and Surface Runoff. HYDROLOGY FORMULATOR also includes 300 conversion programs and area formulas.

All formula results can be saved and E-mailed. HYDROLOGY FORMULATOR allows you to save favorites and recent formulas. This is the first version additional formulas will be added with future updates.

The Formulas include:
Relative Humidity
Evaporation rate of Lake
Potential Evapotranspiration

Storage Properties of Aquifers
Aquifer Specific Yield
Storage Coefficient
Specific Storage
Storage Coefficient Groundwater
Reynold Number Groudwater
Aquifer Transmissivity
Aquifer Safe Yield

Maximum Soil Moisture
Volumetric Water Content
Solid Density
Dry Bulk Density
Solid Water Pressure
Hydraulic Head of Soil
Specific Discharge
Mean Pore Velocity
Hydraulic Conductivity
Infiltration Rate
Overland Flow
Holtans Model of Infiltration
Groundwater Recharge
Lake Pollution
Waste Entering
Equilibrium Concentration
Settling Loss Rate
Particle Deposition Rate
River Pollution
River Oxygen Deficit
Critical Time for Oxygen Deficit
Re-Aeration Constants
Critical Distance For Oxygen Deficit
River Flow
Water Temperature
Dissolved Oxygen
Effect of waste on Water Quality
Distance From Source
Downstream Waste Concentration
Required Levels
Non Conservative Substances
Dispersion Coefficient
Soil Pollution
Groundwater Pore Velocity
Effective Diffusion
Hydrodynamic Dispersion
Aquifer Parameter
Variance Of Pore Velocity
Surface Runoff
Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds
Average Velocity
Travel Time
Sheet Flow Travel Time
Peak Discharge
Changes: minor bug fixes, additional metric formulas

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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