I love Poland 1.0

I love Poland 1.0

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Language English/ J?zyk polski

I LOVE POLAND is a collection of over 166 amazing black-and-white photographs depicting the everyday life in Poland in times of the most significant transformations in the country in years 1986 - 2012, such as the overthrowing of communism, as well as the building of a new democracy and economy. The photographs were taken by Mariusz Forecki, one of Polands best photojournalists, and they form a unique depiction of changes that took place in central and eastern Europe at that time. The album also features a short video about the author and brief articles by two renowned academics from Poznans Adam Mickiewicz University. These articles describe the Polish reality of those times in an interesting, graphic fashion, serving as a vivid commentary to the pictures.

I LOVE POLAND opens a series of photographic publications comprising of albums devoted to Central-Eastern Europe.

Album I LOVE POLAND jest zbiorem 166 niezwyk?ych, czarno-bi*ych zdj pokazuj?cych codzienne ?ycie w czasie najw*niejszych przemian w Polsce w latach 1986-2012

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