I See Ewe - A Preschooler Word Game 1.6.2

I See Ewe - A Preschooler Word Game 1.6.2

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"Best App for Preschool Word Games" -- Best iPhone Apps book, O'Reilly Media

"An application that uses early childhood development theory great!" -- Daniel Donahoo, GeekDad (Wired)

I See Ewe is an educational game for that helps your preschooler learn to recognize over 50 different shapes, objects, colors and animals, and exposes them to their first sight words. I See Ewe accomplishes this through two simple yet fun and engaging games.

The first game, "Learn Shapes", presents a child with a number of cards, each containing a different item. The game then verbally asks the child to find a specific item amongst the displayed cards while displaying the written form of the specific item's name. The child is successful when they tap on the card with the correct item.

The second game, "Match Shapes", is a memory match game that challenges the child to turn over cards two at a time to find a pair of matching cards.

You are able to adjust the level of difficulty for each game and activate verbal prompts that help your preschool child learn.

I See Ewe has English, German, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) languages localizations built in. You can select which language version you want to use in the game options view.

Be sure to visit the I See Ewe website for a detailed description of how to use the app with your preschool child.
Changes: Support for Retina 4 displays

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