I Sleep in Doorways by Thompson Lennox (Poetry Collection) 1

I Sleep in Doorways by Thompson Lennox (Poetry Collection) 1

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This open invitation is to my patronsPlease come and explore. The pulse is quickening, the mood is changing, romance is in the air, join the rhythm. Within these pages you will find stanzas that are funny, witty sentimental and even strange, but above all, they will take you to a place you have been or show you the way forward. You may even find a side of you that you were not aware of.

Hold your favorite verses close to your heart and let them become an intricate part of your soul. Share them with others for pleasure or for comfort whenever the occasion presents itself. There are various reasons for finding a poem comforting as there are reasons to feel it express your precise thoughts. Enjoy the journey they will take you on for each day is a new challenge.

Creating poetry is sharing the things we experience, see and feel. Often the poet start without knowing where an idea will go or how the emotion will end but above all there will always be uncompromising honesty.

About the Author

Thompson Lennoxs poetic side appears to come from the quiet romantic space of his mind that is left unchallenged by the hectic multitasking life he leads. He is, when the creative juices are in motion, often seen as a quiet cerebral recluse.

Solitude brings out Thompson Lennoxs inspiration. It allows him to be a mindful onsite observer of the topics he covers. Romantic poems dominate his collection but he also finds time to reflect and write about the hard side of life, the challenges to staying alive. Lately, he has taken to writing lyrics as a way of expressing the emotion of love and human understanding.

Thompson Lennox very rarely presents his works. He much prefers to see the unexpected reaction of those who read his poems. He is convinced that as a presenting poet he would not bring the same level of interpretation to an audience of even one. The inspirational beauty of poetry is personal to the reader, hence his refusal to invade that initial experience.

If love is my life never let me see the white light. The practical romantic inspirational side of the man.

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