I Talk Math 1.1

I Talk Math 1.1

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Harry the Talking Hippo is ready to talk math with your child. He knows all the tables for Addition and Multiplication, and the answers too. Move through the cards to hear the questions. And when you flip a card, he will tell you the answer. Before you know it, your child (and you) will be as fluent in math as Harry!

I Talk Math comes with a set of 25 Beginner cards suitable for pre-schoolers heading to Kindergarten. The cards have a clean look to keep the focus on math, and flip-for-answers interaction keeps the child engaged. Audible feedback re-enforces the association between the questions and the answers.

You can get more decks for Addition (0 through 10, 121 cards) and Multiplication (1 thru 10, 100 cards) as needed. Future updates will also provide options for Subtraction and Division rules.

How To Use:
- Swipe to move to the next card or double-tap to advance ten cards.

- Tap the Speaker button to toggle Auto Speak on or off.

- You can always replay the cards with the Play button. Mute button on the phone turns off ALL sounds.

- Use the Shuffle button to scramble or reset the cards.

- Flip the card to see and hear the answer.

Let's Talk Math, says Harry the Hippo. Are you ready?

Changes: - Updated graphics for 3.x devices.

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