I Want To Be Big 1.0

I Want To Be Big 1.0

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Enjoy the MOST IMMERSIVE animated story featuring Talking Friends favourites Tom, Angela and Ginger.

One delightful day, little Ginger asks himself the question kids of all ages do at one point what is it like to be a big cat? Follow Ginger on his quest of finding the answer to this mysterious question, along with his two beloved cats, Tom and Angela.

Bring along your Superstar toys to make the story come alive with their lively and humorous remarks. Dont own a Superstar? Check it out on: www.tfsuperstar.com

The entire story is available for FREE, with no in-app purchases.

- INSPIRING story and characters you know and love.
- ENRICHING comments from the revolutionary Talking Friends Superstar toys.
- DAZZLING illustrations.
- SIMPLE navigation for kids of all ages.

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