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Store Manager for Magento PRO
Store Manager for Magento is a desktop application that allows you quickly and effectively manage your Magento online store.
PG Real Estate Solution NOV.2010
PG Real Estate - a turnkey solution to build a Real Estate Web Site. Highly flexible, it is a perfect solution for Powerful Real Estate Portal (property lease, rent and sale marketplace), Independent Realtors or Real Estate Agencies.
Store Manager for PrestaShop PRO
Store Manager for PrestaShop is a desktop application to quickly and effectively manage your PrestaShop online store.

ICDev v3.0

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Can create multi-media autoplay menus for software installations. With ICDev, you can present an eye-catching opening debut of your software while giving customers an easy way to access setup programs, documentation, software tutorials, demos, and even on-line information via the Web without programming. ICDev features an easy to use, full featured, visual editing environment that allows you to create autoplay menus similar to leading software companies. ICDev can also be used to create portable slide show presentations. Additionally, ICDev offers the unique ability to hide or disable itself while users are installing software from it. ICDev features include: true type font embedding\; the ability to hide, disable, or exit your autoplay menu while a setup program is running\; the ability to create multiple page autoplay menus\; the ability to automatically package all of your images, sounds, and fonts into one archive for distribution\; the ability to restore resources from previously built archives\; the ability to play sound files for different events\; the ability to view documents, run programs, jump to Web pages, and explore folders\; the ability to align, center, and space objects evenly by command rather than by hand\; and full multi-level undo/redo support.