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Studio2014 professional for win 2014
Studio 2013 is consisted of the latest virtual tour creating software and panorama stitching software. It is a total virtual tour solution for building fantastic virtual tours with rich features, such as map, thumbnail, flash, audio file, etc.
Tourweaver7.80 Professional for win 7.80
Tourweaver, virtual tour software, makes virtual tour creation easier. The virtual tour can be viewed on iPhone/iPad and shared on Facebook or other channels. With the virtual tour software, you can add video, audio file, etc in your virtual tour.
Panoweaver9.00 Professional for Win 9.00
Stitch any source images into 360 panorama and display virutual tour on PC, mac and iPad/iPhone

Icons8 Lunacy 3.10

Download: Download Site 1
(512k): 03 m 53 s
(1Mb): 01 m 57 s
(2Mb): 59 s
(5Mb): 24 s
(10Mb): 12 s

Icons8 Lunacy is a native Windows app that opens, edits, and stores .sketch files. It helps design teams working on different operating systems and improves the transition from design to development. Lunacy works offline.

- Reading any .sketch files of all versions (13 months of testing!)
- Automatically downloaded missing Google Fonts
- Publishing assets directly to a CDN
- Saving .sketch files (alpha)
- Inspecting .sketch elements
- Showing margins and distances between elements
- Organizing Pages and Artboards in your document
- Basic typography tool available
- Drawing, joining, and aligning vector objects
- Exporting assets in PNG and SVG
- Exporting CSS and XAML code

EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro matched in SoftList
Lunacy Unlimited 1.26 -  Lunacy Unlimited is an independent content creation company with operations in Santa Monica, CA and Louisville, KY. Why Lunacy? Because the best ideas always seem a little crazy. Download the Lunacy Unlimited iPhone and iPad Apps to learn first ... ... (3/0) download
Helix 1.3.2 -  Side-scrolling animated helicopter game. Helix is a side-scrolling animated helicopter game with over 100 levels where you fly through levels and levels of fun and uplifting lunacy. No time to be airheaded here, sorry airheads! ... (183/0) download
Dr. Lunatic DEMO 3.0 -  The evil Dr. Lunatic is taking the brains out of zombies and putting them into the heads of other zombies to create a race of super zombies! Only Bouapha possesses the cunning and resolve to put him on ice. ... (3/0) download
NAC Catechism 1.2 -  The application offers users:- pleasant reading of the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church on iPhone or iPad - convenient access to all content of the Catechism - the Catechism in five languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, and ... ... (11/0) download
SHS Sports 1.0.2 -  NOTE : Previous apps "SHS Basketball 2012" and "SHS Football" are being discontinued and rolled into this app. If you have a previous single sport app please upgrade to SHS Sports and delete your old version.All new for the 2013 Season! SHS ... ... (0/0) download
Psychoban HD 1.0.3 -  *** In celebration of the release of Running Fred, Psychoban is ON SALE for a limted time! ***The HD version of the best sokoban-style game of AppStore is finally here! And it's not just great... IT'S CRATE!Psychoban brings you a deeper concept ... ... (1/0) download