IEA Key World Energy Statistics 2.0

IEA Key World Energy Statistics 2.0

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) is known as the most authoritative source for global energy statistics. The IEA publishes its statistics in a series of annual and quarterly publications as well as through electronic data services.

For the first time in 1996, the IEA produced a compilation of its most used statistics in a booklet easily accessible to all what is now the annual Key World Energy Statistics (KWES). Since then, the booklet has been hugely successful and has become a constant companion of energy analysts and policy makers.

Key World Energy Statistics contains timely, clearly presented data on the supply, transformation and consumption of all major energy sources for the main regions of the world. The interested businessperson, journalist or student will have at his or her fingertips the annual South African production of coal, the electricity consumption in Thailand, the price of diesel oil in Spain and thousands of other useful energy facts.

To respond to increasing requests of users, the IEA offered the first App version of the KWES in 2011. With this application, you can access key statistics on more than 130 countries and regions including energy indicators, energy balances, prices, CO2 emissions as well as energy forecasts.

In 2012, the IEA reworked the App to make it even more user-friendly and introduced new features. For instance, a sort function that allows the user to rank countries by ascending and descending order -- according to a selection of indicators -- has been added. Tables can also be personalised by selecting specific countries and indicators. A search feature as well as a quick access menu and a favourites function have also been added.

Moreover, the application has also been adapted for use on an iPad for the first time in 2012.

Download one of our most popular publications now to have all the energy information you need at your fingertips!
Changes: The application was updated in order to include data from the 2013 edition of IEAs Key World Energy Statistics publication instead of the 2012 edition as it was in version 1.0.

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