ImageRate 1.0

ImageRate 1.0

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Rate your photographs away from the desk! *

ImageRate is an iPhone app for photographers that allows them to rate image files (including most Camera RAW) files that sit on their iMac or MacBook Pro while sitting somewhere else. Use ImageRate as a first pass for going through a new shoot before importing to Lightroom or simply use it to tame those thousands of images you have sitting on your desktop. It's time to unchain yourself from the desk, go sit outside and still be productive.

Key features of ImageRate:
- Allows rating of most camera RAW files
- No syncing required, once rated the original file is rated
- You can navigate through multiple folders and drives to find your shoot
- Works directly with image meta data
- Works well with other software Bridge and PhotoMechanic

There are two parts to ImageRate, this app and the server software. The server software is free to download and (available for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and above) is needed for ImageRate to work. Download it at

While ImageRate is amazing it does have a few limitations:
- Works over local network only
- While it works with most RAW files it has only been tested against NIKON and CANON. There are so many variations it is suggest that before you use this App in anger you try it on a few test images.
- It does not change your image ratings once you have imported them into Lightroom. Lightroom uses Adobe proprietary The point of this product is a quick cull *before* you import into Lightroom,

If you have any trouble getting ImageRate to working please contact us by email. We reply to every message we get. Asking for help in customer reviews is unlikely to get your problem resolved as we have no way to contact you.

* ImageRate works over local network.