Immigration News & Activism 3.0

Immigration News & Activism 3.0

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Take Action: Send messages to elected officials, sign petitions, make calls, attend meetings and stay informed on the latest immigration news.

Join nearly 1.5 million Americans working to persuade public officials to support sensible immigration policies that protect all Americansespecially the most vulnerable and including both U.S. and foreign-bornfrom losing wages, taxes, individual freedoms, quality of life, and access to nature.


Pro-Immigrant - Americans should be treated equally regardless of where they were born. Neither race nor ethnicity should be factors in setting or debating immigration policies.

Pro-Immigration - America should continue permanent immigration that supports the nuclear family, including spouse and minor children, overseas adoptions, and marriages by U.S. citizens; a fair share of internationally recognized special needs refugees; and immigrants with truly extraordinary skills in the national interest.

Reasonable Numerical Limits - Civil Rights leader and the first Southern black congresswoman Barbara Jordan testified before a joint House and Senate committee hearing on June 28, 1995, "Unless there is a compelling national interest to do otherwise, immigrants should be chosen on the basis of the skills they contribute to the U.S. economy." Her compassion for the underserved poor and minority communities in the U.S. influenced her, as chair of the Clinton-appointed "U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform," to recommend the elimination of other permanent immigration categories, including Extended-family "chain migration," the visa lottery, and employment-based visas for foreign workers of non-extraordinary skills that can be supplied by our own population.

Minimizing Illegal Immigration & Maximizing Openness to Visitors - In order to to end most illegal immigration and make it easier for more people to legally study, tour and visit relatives in this country, the U.S. should mandate require verifiable legal presence to hold a job and participate in taxpayer-provided benefits, fully implement computerized entry/exit systems that track when visitors have violated their visas, and eliminate birthright citizenship like most other nations of the world for births to both legal and illegal visitors.

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