Imperium 1.2.pl0

Imperium 1.2.pl0

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Imperium is a game of intergalactic exploration, warfare, and economics. Imperium has no set goal, and fairly flexible rules about what you can do, thus, while a single player could run their own game just for the fun of exploration, they would be missing out on most of the aspects of the game with no one to compete against.

Imperium does not require your computer to have or support graphics, but an 80 column (or more) display is recommended, and the ability to display and send both upper and lower case letters is required. Graphics and sound for Imperium are provided through 'front ends' which are optimized for a particular type of computer system. Ask the deity about the availability of a 'front end' for your computer type.

This package is the source to Imperium. After extracting from the ZIP file type './configure', then 'make', then 'make install' and follow the instructions to configure it.

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