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Elementals: The Magic Key Mac by Playrix 1.2
Plunge into the captivating world of magic and mystery inhabited by elementals. Embark on a thrilling adventure to help Albert, a young magician, restore the Key of Eiron and save his sister kidnapped by Sibelius, a wicked sorcerer.
Magic Seeds 1.0
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Impossible Shoota 1.0

Impossible Shoota 1.0

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Publisher: Elbert Perez
License: Freeware
Size: 10.0 KB
Date added: 2013-04-13
Downloads: 4
Downloads - Last week: 0

You are the last survivor of your race, the elite pilot known as Starboxer. Your last and only mission is to take out as many Sho-dan ships as possible before crumbling to their relentless march. Level up your ship by destryoing Sho-dan ships and teleport around the battlefield to gain tactical advantage to avoid an early demise. It requires skill to live up to your reputation and you will remind the Sho-dan armada why you have that name.


It's free!
Fight 25 different enemies as you rampage through the Sho-dan armada
Intense shooter action again an endless swarm of enemies
Release notes: New Release<br/>Fixed the store :) <br/> [ Impossible Shoota full changelog ]

OS: Windows 8, Windows 8 x64
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