INDIA Stocks 2.070

INDIA Stocks 2.070

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Trading India Stock App is the next generation of stock analysis app .The ability is to find which stock on fire easily, to sort the stock change% , also to tell you which price to sell or to buy. It's trading logic come from hedge fund manager.Try it ! Trade it ! .

This App will give you the strategy called 'Dynamic Stop Line', it can observe trend line break,and identify a reversal in a series of rising or falling peaks and troughs.
If you want to learn more about out strategy before you buy, you can download the instructions in :

1).App Support in iPad or INDIA Stocks Support in iTunes.

1.Provide India Stock Data ,Include day week month.

2.Sort function:weekly,monthly.. more than 20 table field can to sort: Use the sort function to find or search the bullish or bearish stock.

3.Use Dynamic Stops Line to show the stock direction,in bearish or in bullish . It is also show you what close price will turn the trend easily.

4.Create Watchlists with symbols .

*If you have any question or want to report bugs ,please to
Changes: iOS7 compatibility update.

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