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AWinstall 4.6
AWinstall is a professional, efficient and easy-to-use setup builder for creating compact and intelligent setups for your Win32 and .NET applications. A modern user interface, help and wizards allow you to create professional setups in minutes.
Quick PocketSetup 1.0.2009.5
Creates professional Setups for Pocket PC: multilingual installations, shortcuts, file associations, standard license texts, detailed documentation for each project, secure test mode, clean CAB-files; Pro-Version with redistributables eg. NET CF.
Astrum InstallWizard 2.29.00
Astrum InstallWizard is a versatile utility for creating installation programs. AIW has a host of advanced features normally found only in the most expensive tools. Although AIW is feature packed, the user interface is still intuitive and easy to use

install4j for Mac OS X 5.0.5 B5151 5151

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install4j is a useful application that was designed in order to provide you with an easy to use means of generating your own personalized native installers and application launchers for Java applications.

install4j excels in its ease of use, its extensive platform support and its powerful screen and action system.


Extensive Platform Support:
TE All 32-bit versions of Windows
TE 64-bit Windows
TE Full support for Windows Vista
TE Unix
TE Linux RPM

IDE and Compiler:
TE Easy to use IDE for designing installers
TE Powerful built-in script editor
TE Code gallery with example scripts
TE Build from within the IDE
TE Command line compiler
TE Ant task
TE Build on any platform
TE Build debug installers
TE XML project file
TE Project export to HTML

Construction of a Distribution Tree:
TE Freely define your distribution tree
TE Configure multiple installation roots
TE Configure multiple file sets
TE Handle platform-specific differences
TE Define file rights for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X
TE Define fine-grained uninstallation policies
TE Define fine-grained overwrite policies
TE Define a tree of installation components

Compilation of Native Launchers:
TE Customized JRE/JDK detection
TE Flexible classpath construction
TE GUI and console launchers
TE Service launchers
TE Custom working directory
TE VM parameters file
TE Enforce single instance on Windows
TE React to file association startups on Mac OS X
TE Windows version info resource
TE Configurable execution level for Windows Vista
TE Custom script for Linux/Unix launchers
TE Splash screen
TE Redirection of stderr and stdout
TE Startup failure detection
TE Custom icon
TE Custom process name and task bar grouping on Windows XP
TE Application bundle on Mac OS X

Installers and Uninstallers:
TE Support for Java 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6
TE LZMA and Pack200 compression algorithms
TE GUI installer mode
TE Console installer mode
TE Unattended installer mode
TE Unified screen and action configuration for all installer modes
TE Response files for installers
TE Integration for code signing
TE Localization into many languages
TE Language detection at runtime
TE Net installers
TE CD installers
TE Configurable icon, window size and images
TE Installer log file

JRE Bundling and On-Demand Download of JREs:
TE Dynamically bundle a JRE
TE Statically bundle a JRE
TE Install a shared JRE
TE Prepare your own JRE bundles

TE Application ID
TE Suggest previous locations
TE Run the uninstaller for updates
TE Stop deployed services
TE Detect running instances of an application
TE Create "add-on" installers

Auto-Update Functionality:
TE Updater templates
TE Auto-generated update descriptor
TE Flexible update selection logic
TE Updater API
TE Update schedule registry

Flexible Definition of Installer Applications:
TE Custom installer applications
TE Screens and action groups
TE Re-use of screens and actions with linking
TE Disabling of screens, actions and form components
TE Comments
TE Quick search

TE Configurable screen sequence for installers and uninstallers
TE Standard screens for common tasks
TE Configurable screens
TE Form screens

TE Configurable action sequence for all screens
TE Actions for scripting the installer or uninstaller
TE Desktop integration actions
TE File operation actions
TE Options for the "Finish" screen
TE Registry and preference store modifications
TE Service actions
TE Text file modifications
TE XML file modifications
TE Other miscellaneous actions

TE Compiler variables
TE Installer variables
TE Launcher variables
TE Localization keys

Installer API:
TE Installer and uninstaller context
TE General services
TE Platform-specific services
TE Installer events
TE Framework for screens, actions and form components
TE JavaBeans framework

TE JavaBeans extension model
TE Easy integration of custom code
TE Extensions
Release notes: New Release<br/>New features:
TE Installer applications: Added new execution mode "Unattended mode with progress dialog" and child property "Title for progress dialog". This is the same functionality that is available from the command line with the -splash [title] arguments.
TE System installer variables such as "sys.userHome" are now available for launchers, e.g. in redirection file names and the in com.install4j.api.launcher.Variables class
TE The build options in the Build step of the IDE are now persistent

Bugs fixed:
TE Under some circumstances, the proxy dialog was not displayed and an exception was thrown instead
TE Installer variables could not be used for redirection files of generated launchers
TE Installer variables were not resolved when executing a launcher from the installer, because the response file was not yet written
TE Update detection did not work for Mac OS X single bundle installers
TE Custom code entries with spaces in the path could not be found by script compiler <br/> [ install4j for Mac OS X full changelog ]

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