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Interest Calculator 5.0

Interest Calculator 5.0

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The Markosoft Interest Calculator was originally designed as to tool to be used by accountants and bookkeepers for easily calculating daily interest. Shortly after its initial release, several additional interest calculation features were added to the program including the ability to calculate payment amounts, length of loans, and savings interest.

With the addition of printable amortization schedules and some enhanced reporting capabilities, it became apparent that the Interest Calculator was more than just a tool for accountants and that the application could be used by virtually anyone to effortlessly obtain useful savings, loan, and interest information on a day to day basis.

For example, wouldn't it be great if you knew how much the monthly payment on a $25,000 car would be before you decided to shop for one? Or, if you paid an extra $100 a month on your house payment, how much sooner would you be able to pay it off?

The Interest Calculator is capable of answering these questions and more. It can calculate the interest earned on savings accounts and print detailed amortization schedules. It is easy, fun to use, and effective in calculating the interest on all of your accounts.

For a limited time, Markosoft is offering the new Palm Pilot Interest Calculator with your purchase absolutely free! The Palm OS version contains all of the key features of its Windows counterpart, so you can now perform interest calculations virtually anywhere you go.

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