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SQLite Database Recovery 1
To perform swift and easy SQLite data recovery from corrupt SQLite database files, download SQLite Database Recovery software now. It supports database files created by both SQLite2 and SQLite3, and save data into SQLite and/or MDB database format.
Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0
Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac provides the complete essentials for an easy, fast and powerful way to run Windows on a Mac. Get Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac and make Windows programs run seamlessly, safer and more Mac-like with 50+ new features!
Odbc 4 All 2.3
Allows any application, including DOS apps and batch files, to easily run SQL queries using any ODBC data source, (Access, MySql, Oracle, Informix, ...) redirecting the output to the screen, an ascii file / table or a DBF table.

Internet TV for Windows Media Center 4.2

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Internet TV is a new feature in Windows 7 you can use to access to free TV shows, movies, and more&mdash;directly from the Internet, and all from within Windows Media Center.Internet TV brings all types of content&mdash;from movies and TV shows to sports highlights and webisodes&mdash;together in one place. This content comes from broadband video sites all over the Internet.

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My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.0 -  My Movies for Windows Media Center is a movie and tv series collection program for Windows Media Center in Windows 7. ... (1/0) download
MiraWorldTV 5.2 -  MiraWorldTV is a plugin for windows media center. Miraworldtv consolidates various internet TV streams and lets you watch them from your media center PC. MiraWorldTV can be installed on Vista Ultimate or Vista Premium. ... (2/0) download
WMC Recording Storage Pooler 1.1 -  WMC Recording Storage Pooler creates a drive pool out of multiple storage drives to use for Recorded TV in Windows Media Center. WMC Recording Storage Pooler can create a drive pool out of local or network drives. ... (1/0) download
MCEGuide 7.1 -  The MCEGuide client enables you to make use of our EPG's (electronic programming guides) for Windows Media Center. We provide the Windows Media Center TV Guide for DStv and the SABC channels. ... (1/0) download
BeebMC 2.3 -  Damian Mehers has developed a BBC Radio addin for Windows Media Center that enables listening of BBC Radio streams directly from the Media Center user interface. ... (4/0) download
Mediamote 1.1.1 -  A remote control for Windows Media Center. ... (4/0) download
Mediamote (Free) 1.1.1 -  A remote control for Windows Media Center. ... (1/0) download
Tag Support Plugin for Media Player and Media Center 1.1 -  WMP Tag Support Plugin add support for various additional audio files tag formats into Microsoft Media Player v10-11 and Windows Media Center. ... (12/0) download
Windows 8 Media Center Enabler -  Windows 8 Media Center Enabler enables Windows Media Center on Windows 8 Release Preview. All you have to do is to click the button below. Your machine will restart and install Media Center. Requirements: .NET Framework 4. ... (10/0) download
MP3 Remix for Windows Media Player 3.8 -  MP3 Remix for Windows Media Player is an application which lets you take any song in your MP3 or CD collection and remix it into your own custom creation. ... (10/0) download