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Elementals: The Magic Key Mac by Playrix 1.2
Plunge into the captivating world of magic and mystery inhabited by elementals. Embark on a thrilling adventure to help Albert, a young magician, restore the Key of Eiron and save his sister kidnapped by Sibelius, a wicked sorcerer.
Magic Seeds 1.0
Help Jane grow plants, take care of them, and protect them from pests and vermin. Try your hand at cross-breeding plants to get new varieties. Sell your produce and make money to cultivate your land, buy the lot and build your own house.

Jets‘n’Guns Gold for Mac OS 1.211

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(5Mb): 31 s
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A heavy piece of ground shaking rock blasting action with graphics and special effects that will blow you eyes out! Enjoy yourself in almost-insane action adventure of saving the universe from the deadly threat of more than 270 unique monsters in the campaign of 43 levels. Stand as one-against-many armed with tons of different weapons of a devastating armament fitted into one of the awesome spaceships.Game features:- 43 levels full of thrilling action, shooting and demolition- more than 270 unique enemies including 16 boss monsters- 70 different weapons- upgrade your ship with 20 special devices- superior graphic and particle effects enhancing the destruction- more than one hour of breathtaking original soundtrack- new scenario in every level (deep space, jungle, undersea, lava planet…)- fly in 12 different vessels, even in a horrible boss ship- and much more - Higher resolution- Number of levels doubled- More smashing music- Heaps of new stuff

DayZ Commander matched in SoftList
Metal Amp Room for Mac OS X 1.2.0 -  Metal Amp Room was designed to bring you the most brutal, evil and aggressive sound that is possible to squeeze out of your DAW. It was co-developed with Patrik Jensen (The Haunted) and tailored to his needs. ... (2/0) download
Jets'n'Guns GOLD 1.211 -  Jets'n'Guns GOLD is a heavy piece of ground shaking rock blasting action with graphics and special effects that will blow you eyes out! ... (5/0) download
WorksWell 2.2 -  Complete design &amp\; illustration toolkit. WorksWell for Mac OS X. Design great looking PDF documents. WorksWell can merge your data, eg from iTunes to make CD Labels. Create Reports, Forms, Charts, Presentations and so much more. ... (4/0) download
ExecutiveSync 1.3 -  Advanced &amp\; accurate synchronization tool. ExecutiveSync is the first dependable file synchronization utility for Mac OS X that supports long file names, Unicode, synchronization with Microsoft Windows File Servers, and countless other features. ... (111/0) download
OnyX 1.4.7 -  OS X maintenance &amp\; optimization tool. Onyx is a utility for maintenance, optimization, and personalization for Mac OS X. ... (94/0) download
BMI Companion 1.1 -  Body Mass Index calculator. BMI Companion is a Body Mass Index calculator for Mac OS 8, 9, and X. Windows &amp\; Linux versions also available. ... (11/0) download
Portraits & Prints -  Quick and easy photo printing software for Mac OS X. Turn your digital photos into high quality prints with Portraits &amp Prints. ... (23/0) download
MacSword 1.1.1 -  Bible research/study tool. MacSword is a free &amp\; open-source application for research and study of God and His Word. It is developed specifically for Mac OS X, and is localised in French, English, German and Swedish. ... (50/0) download
Intaglio 2.0.4 -  Drawing/illustration application. Intaglio is a traditional Macintosh drawing &amp\; illustration application exclusively for Mac OS X. ... (16/0) download
Alepin 3.1.2 -  Notepad and scrapbook. Alepin has been created for Mac OS X users who miss the Notepad and Scrapbook features of Mac OS 9. Alepin comes from the French words Album (Scrapbook) &amp\; Calepin (Notepad). Pronounced Al-Pin in English... ... (88/0) download