Johnny Beeware V2 "Be Healthy. Be Active!" 1.0.1

Johnny Beeware V2 "Be Healthy. Be Active!" 1.0.1

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DID YOU KNOW: Volume 1, "Be Yourself, Just Not a Bully!" is completely FREE in the App Store!

The Adventures of Johnny Beeware (TM) is a fully animated children's (4-9) eBook series on the many challenges of growing up such as bullying and cyberbullying, obesity and nutrition, dealing with strangers and staying safe, and much more!


Welcome to the beautiful town of Bumble, a fictional place in the heart and soul of every child where sometimes, everyday life can present challenges. For this reason, we have developed a series of fun and educational animated eBooks each addressing an important topic related to your child or student's well-being.

In this instalment, Johnny Beeware and Rubee, help their new friend BullyBee become happier and healthier, by teaching him a few easy tricks about eating right and being active.


"Watch It" - Fully animated stop&start cartoon/storybook hybrid full of character dialogue, narration, music, comedy and more. Not only will your child "get the message" being delivered, but they'll also laugh so hard it "stings".

"Read It" - Traditional page-by-page storybook filled with captivating illustrations and text.

"Parent Guide" - The Adventures of Johnny Beeware also offers a follow up series of Parent Guides over at These fun learning tools can help create a dialogue between you and your child about some of the dangers and challenges they may face growing up. They can also help you prepare your children for some of these challenges and instil in them the awareness and knowledge to face these challenges safely and with confidence.

So start your adventure today and see what the buzz is all about!

Johnny Beeware Productions Inc. 2013 All Rights Reserved

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