Jr. Pinchers 4.6.1

Jr. Pinchers 4.6.1

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Welcome to the official Jr. Pinchers application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This application is a unique and interactive component to the upcoming Jr. Pinchers release.

The Jr. Pinchers application features full songs, for tracks available on ITunes and extended clips from his upcoming album. There is also exclusive Jr. Pinchers application only content not available anywhere else but right here within the application, music videos, show dates, photos, news, and much more. Through this application fans can connect, post, share and comment on Jr. Pinchers through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

The current release of this application includes:

Full streaming of the new single Back Broke off of the new album

Featuring extended clips of tracks from Jr. Pinchers new album, (subject to change for the final album).

A full video stream of the internationally released music video Back Broke.

Exclusive behind-the-scene access to the Slop-Shop recording studio. With extended video clips showing Jr. Pinchers and Twinz Beatz creating each track to his upcoming album. This content is only available through this application.

Photos from the making of Back Broke, behind-the-scenes photos taken daily in the Slop-Shop studio.

Links to the official Jr. Pinchers store (coming soon), Jango radio station, Imeem, Myspace, Corporate sponsors and website.

Fan Wall for commenting on audio, video, and photos, with Geo coding to show you other fans in your city, town, or state.

Facebook and Twitter integration within the application, to connect to your personal accounts for posting and sharing.

Official Jr. Pinchers Mailing List and Feedback integration.


Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch v. 3.0 or later.

Jr. Pinchers is Kemar Anthony Thompson writer/vocals.

Twinz Beatz is Sloppijo and Joshizzle producers/track makers. Slop-Hop, Slop-Tronic, Slop-House, Slop-Pop and all other music genres represented on this album are the sole creation of Twinz Beatz. Any artist, producer, or labels claiming rights to our style are imitators.

Jr. Pinchers worldwide representation is by SloppiShizzle Records and Q Fortune.

The Jr. Pinchers application is designed by Nativo and developed by Mobile Roadie with SloppiShizzle Records and management, with support from 7Prnts.
Changes: Welcome to Mobile Roadie 3.3!

Ready for the new stuff?

- iOS5 support and optimization
- Facebook upgrade
- Foursquare upgrade
- Native Twitter integration (iOS5 only)
- Better graphics performance on old

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