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Secure Auditor 3.0
Secure Auditor suite is a unified digital risk management solution for conducting automated audits on Windows, Oracle and SQL databases and Cisco devices.
Windows Cleaner 2.1
Master resell rights private label software! Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics! Cover your internet tracks! Delete cookies, typed URLs and more!
KGB Employee Monitor 4.51
Monitor employees or remote computers in real time with a centralized, computer-based surveillance system. Whether you are a manager or a system administrator, KGB Employee Monitor makes it easy to monitor multiple workstations from a single PC.

Kid Savvy PC 15.0

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Kid Savvy PC is a virtual desktop for children which should keep them from destroying your computer. Unfortunately, Kid Savvy PC is not Windows 7 compliant as the developers boast, and tried to destroy my computer all by itself - fortunately a quick reboot restored my desktop to its former glory! Downloading the latest file update for Kid Savvy PC did fix some of the errors, like the minimize button not functioning correctly, but also created a slew of other problems. The virtual desktop functioned normally, but none of the preloaded games or links was available any more, and the administrator section kept giving navigation problems. The idea behind the program is great: it enables a safe environment for your child on your PC, where you can restrict the programs they can access and the links they can browse on the internet. Unfortunately, the execution is extremely poor. The garish colours are an eyesore and the clunky desktop is anything but intuitive. I would also expect to stay in administrator mode when clicking on that tab and not having to enter my password almost every time I click on a menu button. Users with other versions of Windows might fare better, but if you are using Windows 7 please steer clear of this program! At least, until the developers really make Kid Savvy PC Windows 7 compliant.

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