Korea News 1.0

Korea News 1.0

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A one stop source of news about Korea directly to your iPod touch/iPhone. With a vast collection of News from various sources, live twitter updates about Korea, and high quality blogs. Stay up-to-date about Korean issues and news, no matter where you are.

Built in features make it simple to share any news/blog article you read with your friends via twitter, facebook or e-mail.

Tips: You can personalize the news tabs in your app. To do this press the tab "More". then click "Edit". Now you can drag and drop any tab from the list in the order you want. The app may take a few moments to load the first time as it is providing you with up to the moment news. You can also read the articles even if you don't have a internet connection, but it will be the information downloaded the last time the app was online.

Please use the "Feedback" button to provide us with any information or new links you would like added.

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