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Krishan Run 1.3.4

Krishan Run 1.3.4

4 Stars
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License: Freeware
Date added: 2015-05-14
Downloads: 104
Downloads - Last week: 0

Now play Krishna Run absolutely FREE with all levels open without in-app purchase!
* Krishna Run nominated in Indie Game of the year category at NASSCOM Game Developer Conference,
* Reviewed and Recommended by BAAP APPS: Graphics of game are good. The visualization of Gokul,
Mathura and Vrindavan are done pretty well.

The game ‘Krishna Run’ is based on historic character Lord Krishna. Focused on his childhood activities, the game runs on the storyline of his fight against Asurs in order to establish 'Dharma'.
The player experiences thrilling game play challenges at all the levels, while shooting the enemies, when defending the innocent, overcoming various obstacles on his way. Every level ends with in fighting and defeating the Asur whose nature was reflected in the sub-levels.
Game Features-
Krishna - Protector of Dharma
Krishna the Protagonist of this game is the player. He was the eighth child of Devaiki and Vasudev. He is designated as the eighth Avataar of Lord Vishnu. And hence, in the game player has to resurrect various aspect of Dharma and vanquish the tyranny of the King of Mathura - Kansa.
Dodge Obstacles
The role of obstacles is to reduce the strength of Krishna through collision. Krisnha tackles them by either jumping over them or sliding under them.
Shoot Enemies
Krishna jumps from one platform to other, shooting enemies of different types and of increasing difficulty as the level progresses. He needs to shoot a minimum number of enemies in order to collect a peacock feather.
Collect Colourful Gems
Gems are power of wealth that Krishna needs to collect while venturing against Kansa. Different gems have different values. The more precious Gems he collects, the more score he earns. In each level, Krishna also has to take care that he collects sufficient gem value in order to win a peacock feather.
Collect Makhan to sustain energy
Krishna’s prime source of energy has been Makhan.

OS: Android,iPhone,iPod,iPad,iOS
System Requirements: Android OS 4.0, iOS 7.0
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