Labelbox 2.0.4

Labelbox 2.0.4

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A WHOLE NEW Labelbox is now available!
With over 3 million users happy with the labels-only feature from the previous generation of Labelbox, our NEW Labelbox will be 3 times more the excitement with additional features to show off your photos - Labels, Stamps and Weather Widgets are now all included in Labelbox!

You can decorate your photos stylishly by using a variety of amazing labels, stamps and a wide range of weather widgets, in an artistic, creative and fun way.

Features include:
Labels of various styles to express your feeling
Stamps for special occasions
Variety of date, time, weather and location labels for showing instant details of the photo
Frequent updates of new label and stamp packs in Label Store
Move stamps and labels in all directions
Create funky frames using the labels
Free and paid label packs are available
Share photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.
Changes: v2.0.4
New Music Muse Labels and Fairy Tale Stamps
Share photo to Instagram

You are now able to restore you label packs by your Steply account
Fix the label freezing problem when importing new photo