Learn Italian - Molto Bene 5.0.2

Learn Italian - Molto Bene 5.0.2

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MOLTO BENE is the award-winning app that makes learning Italian simple and fun! Quickly learn essential vocabulary, phrases, and grammar concepts.

Designed especially for students and tourists as well as business and medical professionals.

Vocabulary and Phrases
Contains 78 lessons based on REAL LIFE situations including flight and hotel reservations, dining out, shopping, exploring and meeting new friends.
Includes over 2000 VOCABULARY words and phrases for both beginner and advanced learners.
Play while learning with Hangman and Concentration games.
Learn to PRONOUNCE correctly with high-quality audio by NATIVE SPEAKERS.
12 verb CONJUGATION lessons covering common verb groups and tenses.

Quizzing Features
Multiple-choice quiz ADAPTS to your skill level.
Memorize words quickly with our DYNAMIC QUIZZING algorithm.
Track LESSON PROGRESS across devices with iCloud syncing.

We're always happy to hear from you! Have a suggestion or problem?
Contact us at http://twitter.com/moltobeneitalia or our homepage http://www.moltobeneitalian.com/

You can also email info@onlinelanguagehelp.com

Lessons include:
- Greetings
- How Are You?
- Social Etiquette
- Meeting People
- Definite Articles
- Indefinite Articles
- Subject Pronouns
- Talking About Languages
- Present Tense
- ~are Verbs
- ~ere Verbs
- ~ire Verbs
- ~isc Verbs
- Common Irregular Verbs
- Possessives
- Interrogative Pronouns and Adjectives
- Interrogative Adverbs
- Direct Object Pronouns
- Indirect Object Pronouns
- Direct Object Pronouns II
- Colors
- Colors II
- Family
- Family (Relatives)
- Describing People
- Emotions
- Personality
- Numbers (0-10)
- Numbers (11-19)
- Numbers (20-100)
- Numbers (100-1,000,000)
- Ordinal Numbers
- Days of the Week
- Months and Seasons
- How Old Are You?
- Telling Time
- Weather and Climate
- Parts of the Body
- Parts of the Body II
- Face
- The Hand
- Clothes
- Clothes (Accessories)
- Imperative Mood
- Animals
- Food
- Fruits and Vegetables
- Ordering in a Restaurant
- At the Airport
- At the Hotel
- Prepositions
- Prepositional Contractions I
- Prepositional Contractions II
- Prepositional Pronouns
- Travel and Transportation
- Directions
- Sightseeing
- Going Shopping
- Emergencies
- Health and Medical
- Nationalities
- Countries
- Love and Romance
- Computers and Internet
- Government
- News
- Television
- False Friends
- Grammar Terms
- School
- Jobs and Professions
- Jobs and Professions II
- Imperfect Tense
- Simple Past Tense
- Present Subjunctive
- Conditional Mood
- Future Tense
- Religion
Changes: - Usability improvements and interface enhancements
- Completely redone higher-quality audio
- Added more lessons

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